6 Commonly Overlooked Actions We Should Put An End To


Every day, we engage in activities that turn into our daily routines. On the other hand, there are also certain actions that we commonly engage in without noticing that they are not helping us grow as individuals or are not convenient for other people. And if we choose to improve ourselves and become better individuals, here are the six commonly overlooked actions that people should put an end to.

Pushing Yourself Too Much to Work

First, pushing yourself too much to work or do certain things is something that you must avoid. Take the time to rest and gain new energy again to continue what you’re doing. Productivity while maintaining quality cannot be achieved without quality rest, not only of the body, but more especially, of the mind.

Taking and Wasting Other People’s Time

After you take your turn and get what you have purchased from the counter, be it a great-tasting frappe, new pieces of clothing or padlocks from a hardware store, leave the counter as soon as possible. There are other people waiting for their turns on the line and they do not have all the time in the world to watch you fix your stuff. Be considerate and value other people’s time.

Comparing Yourself to Other People

People have their own sets of strengths and weaknesses, so stop comparing yourself to other people. You should learn how to run the race that your destiny has given you. You can use other people as inspirations, but always come up with your own strategies in pursuing your dreams.

Listening To Your Device Without Earphones

This is applicable, especially when you are in public places. Remember that not all people are interested in the music that you are listening to. More importantly, they do not want to hear what your conversation with the person in the other line is about. So, make it a habit to use earphones or headphones when using your device for music playing, phone calls and the likes.

Allowing People To Feel Superior Over You

Finally, never let any person feel superior over you. They might have bigger achievements compared to you, they may have romantic partners while you don’t or their income may be higher compared to yours. However, nothing can give them the license to make you feel inferior, especially if you do not allow them to.

So, which among the overlooked actions mentioned above do you usually engage in? When trying to improve yourself, evaluate every move that you make. Does it benefit other people? Or are you the only person benefitting from it? Before making actions, consider the balance between how you and other people can benefit from the things that you will do.